McHenry County Farm Bureau would like to invite kids and their families to check out these links for interesting facts and stories about agriculture and how it affects all our lives.

Kids & adults resources provided below

For Kids:

Illinois Ag in the Classroom - Ag Mags on tons of ag topics! 

Beyond the Barn Door -  A look at agriculture all around you.

Direct links include:  

Ag Everyday:  Each day learn about a new topic in agriculture and try the activities!    https://beyondthebarndoor.wordpress.com/category/everyday-agriculture/

Right This Very Minute:  View short farm videos about farm life happening right this very minute:     https://beyondthebarndoor.wordpress.com/category/right-this-very-minute/

Illinois Eggs in the Classroom:  Want to learn about how baby chicks hatch? Check this out--    https://beyondthebarndoor.wordpress.com/category/il-eggs-in-the-classroom/

Grow with Us:  Want to go deeper?   https://beyondthebarndoor.wordpress.com/category/grow-with-us/

Online Agriculture Games

A place for young learners to explore and discover our food, fiber and energy.      http://www.myamericanfarm.org/classroom/games

Illinois Pork Producers

Learn about pigs and how they are raised, pork and its great nutritional value, and make some great recipes.


Undeniably Dairy

Take an online tour of a dairy farm and learn all about delicious dairy products.


Ag Explorer


Journey 2050


Nutrients for Life


For Adults:

Find recipes and stories from Illinois farmers and learn about current food and farming topics.


Illinois Farm Bureau Partners magazine connects you with the food you eat, the Illinois farmers who grow it, and the food-related events, destinations, and lifestyles that make our state great.