Ag. Expo 3-4 Grades

Ag Expo - Scheduled for April 9 - 11, 2024

McHenry County Farm Bureau holds Ag Expo every other year for third and fourth grade students. The expo has been held on an every other year basis since 1988 and has reached over 42,000 students with a hiatus during COVID pandemic. 

Students were exposed to six minute presentations from 20 different agricultural booths. The booths included: swine, Christmas trees, dairy, soil and water conservation, beef cattle, chickens, embryology, historical farming practices, corn and soybeans, specialty crops, honey bees, horses, sheep, fiber arts, farm equipment, food safety and 4-H.

Roughly 200 volunteers donated their time and talent to the three day event. Volunteers were utilized for set up, booth presenters and tour guides. The McHenry County Fair Association provided its facilities for the event.

Ag Expo provides third and fourth grade students with some basic knowledge about agriculture. It helps the students connect the agricultural industry to the food and products they consume in their daily lives.

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Teacher Info: 

We will take reservations at the start of the school year. If you have a question about this event, please email