Affiliated Companies

The beginning of the Country Insurance and Financial Services can be traced to the Illinois Farm Bureau® which in 1925 formed a fire and lightning insurance company owned and governed by its policyholders. A year later, the company began offering coverage for autos and equipment.
• Annuities
• Auto Insurance
• Commercial Insurance
• Disability Income Insurance
• Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans
• Financial, Retirement & Estate Planning
• Farm and Crop Insurance
• Home/Renters Insurance
• Individual Retirement Accounts
• Investment Management
• Life Insurance
• Long Term Care Insurance
• Medical Expense Insurance (policies issued by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois)
• Medicare Supplement Insurance
• Mutual Funds
• Trust Services
• Umbrella Insurance
• Workers' Compensation (policies issued by State Accident Insurance Fund (SAIF) in Oregon)
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GROWMARK is a regional cooperative affiliated with Farm Bureau® in Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin. GROWMARK serves more than 250,000 farmers throughout Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Ontario, Canada, through a system of local farm supply and grain marketing cooperatives. There are more than 800 full-time GROWMARK employees and an additional 6,000 in the local member cooperative system. GROWMARK is the largest Farm Bureau® affiliated cooperative in the U.S. GROWMARK's Supplies Division provides farm production supplies and services for its local FS member cooperatives. ADM/GROWMARK, a joint venture between GROWMARK and Archer Daniels Midland, purchases grain from local cooperatives and markets it to domestic and world markets. Origins date back to Illinois Farm Supply Company which was chartered in 1927.

Incorporated in 1928 as an agricultural cooperative, CONSERV FS is owned by its customers. Over the years, CONSERV FS has grown and adopted to changing customer needs. Since 1928 CONSERV FS has remained committed to the success of our patrons. While a strong portion of our members remain farmers, our member base has grown and expanded to industries not traditionally served by cooperatives. We now provide our products and knowledge to a wide variety of industries:

• Landscapers
• Nurseries
• Municipalities
• Transportation
• Golf Courses
• Professional and local sports organizations

Patronage Refunds
As you purchase products from CONSERV FS you are earning shares in the company. As such, profits generated by the company can be returned to the owners through patronage refunds, a common practice in co-ops. Each year the board of directors considers the payment of patronage refunds based on the division's profitability and product sales in accordance with the Internal Revenue Department regulations. Payouts are made based on patron purchases and eligibility.

To be a member of Conserv FS you must meet two requirements: 1) purchase product from the company in the given year, and 2) be a member of a local farm bureau.

For more information visit or call 815-334-5950

It is the mission of AgriVisor Services to improve the economic well-being of IFB® members through the provision of disciplined, risk-controlled, accurate, innovative, and timely marketing strategies and recommendations to allow our members to make informed and profitable business decisions.
The primary focus of the company is to provide specific marketing recommendations for agricultural commodities produced by our farmer/members using fundamental and technical analysis. 

For more information please visit or call 1-800-676-5799.

The IAA Credit Union was formed in 1951 to serve the financial needs of the employees of the IAA Family of Companies. Through the years, our field of membership has been expanded to include the members of Illinois Farm Bureau, COUNTRY Insurance policyholders, GROWMARK patrons, and other small employee groups. We also serve the family members and retirees of these groups. We are a full service financial institution offering value based products and services. Our Vision is: "To be the most recommended" by our members. 

For More information please visit or call 1-800-676-2541.