McHenry County Agriculture Facts

The following are facts about agriculture in McHenry County:

Number of Farms

  • 911 farms comprising 234,211 acres which is approximately 60% of the county's area

Average Farm Size

  • 257 acres which equates to ~195 football fields

Market Value of Crops Sold in McHenry County

  • $182,433,000

Demographics of McHenry County farmers

  • Average age = 59 years old
  • 80% of primary operators are men, 20% are women

McHenry County Rankings

  • 1st in the state for values of Christmas trees cut
  • 1st in the state for value of aquaculture
  • 5th in the state for acres planted to forages
  • 7th in the state for values of sales of milk 



    **Information is from the USDA's 2012 Census,