Women's Com.

The Women's Committee's purpose is to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the organization by providing a program of work that is designed to educate youth and adults about agriculture. The Women's Committee also includes cost effective programs that promote safety, health, product promotion and good public relations.

The Women's Committee organizes and participates in about 15 programs per year. Some of these programs include:
•Ag Expo
•AITC Poster/Placemat Contest
•AITC Efforts
•Two Defensive Driving Courses
•Heartland Blood Drives
•Agricultural Scholarships
•Food Checkout Day
•County Fair Food Booth
•June Dairy Promotion
•Summer Ag Institute
•Lifeline Screening
•Family Photos
•Raised Beds & Flowers
•Citrus & Fruit Program
•Annual visit the Valley Hi Nursing Home

Women's Committee Chair: Ella Martin

Women's Committee Board Representative: Audrey Davis

Women's Committee Secretary: Sue Swinford

If interested in becoming a part of the Women's Committee contact the Farm Bureau Office at (815) 338-1520