Horsemen's Council of Illinois serves as the voice of the horse industry in our state to protect our animals and our rights as horsemen, educate within and outside our industry about horses and their impact, and to advocate for horses and for you, the horse lover. HCI is the only horse association in this state that represents all breeds, all disciplines, and every type of horse-related enterprise throughout our state.


ECMC is an organization established in 2013 to serve McHenry County horse owners & horse enthusiasts by linking McHenry County horse clubs and McHenry County horse owners together; bringing unity and strength to the horse owning community.  We facilitate communication and advocate for common causes before the McHenry County Board and the McHenry County Conservation District with the goal of expanding riding opportunities and ensuring residents’ ability to ride horses and keep horses in McHenry County; we foster relationships between horse organizations; assist with educational opportunities; promote the advantages of horse ownership both for the owner and for the local economy; and encourage the next generation to own horses; we coordinate with the neighboring horse-owning communities in Lake, Cook and Kane counties on mutually beneficial initiatives; and we assist Horsemen’s Council of Illinois at the local level with state-wide initiatives.