Agricultural internship available

McHenry County Farm Bureau is excited to again offer an agriculture related summer internship.

The internship will provide experiences in program planning, Ag in the Classroom, media, governmental affairs, and public relations. The selected individual will receive valuable work experience, funds to further their education, and the opportunity to receive college credit.

The internship is open to any McHenry County resident who will be a sophomore, junior or senior at a college or university this fall. Preference is given to applicants enrolled in an agriculture related field.   

We are taking applications at this time and hope to fill the position in March. To apply, simply email your cover letter and resume to Dan Volkers at

Responsibilities of the Intern:

The person selected as an Intern for the McHenry County Farm Bureau would have the following responsibilities:

1. Coverage of Farm Bureau activities. The Intern would be given the responsibility of reporting on various Farm Bureau activities throughout the term of the program. 

2. Public Relations. The Intern will assist in promoting the McHenry County Farm Bureau and its activities.

3. Program Planning & Coordination. The Intern will assist the McHenry County Farm Bureau in planning and organizing several programs that take place during the course of the internship including, but not limited to the following: Summer Ag Institute for Teachers, Tractor Trek and McHenry County Fair activities.

4. Governmental Relations. During the course of the program the Intern would work with elected officials on issues relating to agriculture.

5. Other duties as deemed necessary by the McHenry County Farm Bureau.

Schedule for Intern

1. Length of Internship: 2-3 months.

2. Time allotment: The individual would be required to work an average of 20-30 hours per week. This includes a few night meetings and attendance at activities. The actual schedule will be flexible to suit the intern's availability and needs of McHenry County Farm Bureau.

A. Orientation with County Farm Bureau Manager & State Office

B. Attendance at McHenry County Farm Bureau Board of Directors' Meetings (night meeting)

C. Attendance at various McHenry County Farm Bureau Action Team and Committee meetings

D. Attendance at a Regional Managers' meeting or a state Farm Bureau function, if possible (day meeting)

E. Attendance at McHenry County Fair events (night and day)