Summer Intern Reflection

Dylan Kanner

Interning at the McHenry County Farm Bureau was an overall enlightening experience for me. From farm market tours to bioreactor research, I had the opportunity to learn about the value that farming brings to the community as well as its positive impact on the environment. I enjoyed meeting interns from other Illinois counties at the new intern seminar and participating in a farm market tour with the Kentucky Farm Bureau. Some of my other educational adventures include attending meetings with other organizations and interviewing the marketing managers at the Woodstock Farmer’s Market. My favorite part of the summer was getting to meet many new faces and exposing myself to different technological, field, and livestock processes which I had less understanding of prior to the internship. I've realized the importance of fresh local produce and regenerative agriculture and how each leads to a healthy community. I don’t come from a farming background, but my studies in agricultural at both the Farm Bureau and my university have been very valuable experiences. My university classes teach more about agribusiness marketing and management, while the Farm Bureau gave me a better insight into the science and technology behind agriculture. As one can infer, my internship offered a variety of agriculture-related activities and projects for me to work on, and I found each of them to be very interesting and unique. I even got to help out at the Farm Bureau’s food booth fundraiser at the McHenry County Fair toward the end. I even plan to volunteer at the fair, dairy promotion, and other recurring events in the county. Thank you to everyone who supported and guided me during my internship, and especially to my manager, Dan Volkers.