November - Poultry

Learn about Poultry:

Do you know how many pounds of turkey the average American eats each year?

What year did McDonald's introduce their Chicken McNuggets?

How long does it take for a fertilized chicken egg to hatch?

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How to Select

Look for chicken or turkey products that are firm and moist. • Meat should be pinkish in color. Look for meat with good coloring (not pale). Small amounts of liquid in the package is normal and is just water that was absorbed during the chilling process. • Look for packages that are cool to the touch and do not exhibit any damage or wear. • Check the dates on the package to ensure you buy fresh products. Click here to learn more about cooking, storing, and labels.  


Turkey Pot Pie - a warm, savory mea​l

Photo above and content below is from Illinois Farm Bureau Partners

Turkey Leftovers

Even when the holidays are over, the house guests are gone and your fine China is put away, food often remains left behind – particularly that huge turkey you thought your family and friends could somehow manage to eat in its entirety. Check out Illinois Farm Bureau's Partners page for four ways to use turkey leftovers (includes the turkey pot pie recipe). Click here to visit their page.