Virtual Ag Expo 2022

Our Ag Expo provides third and fourth grade students with some basic knowledge about agriculture. It helps the students connect the agricultural industry to the food and products they consume in their daily lives. 

The short amateur videos below were recorded in McHenry County and feature a host of Ag in the Classroom volunteers.  Learning resources are provided below each video for those who would like to dive deeper into a topic. McHenry County third and fouth grade classrooms can participate in a prize drawing if they complete the entry form and return it to us by November 30, 2022. 

Dairy - Time 5:56

Learning Resource: Dairy Ag Mag

Hydroponics - Time 6:56

Learning Resources: Test Tube Hydroponics and Exploring Aquaponics

Honey Bees - Time 8:25

Learning Resource: Pollinators

Pigs - Time 5:20

Learning Resource: Pork Ag Mag

Soybeans - Time 8:40

Learning Resource: Soybean Ag Mag

Christmas Trees - Time 5:52

Learning Resouce: Tree Ag Mag

Goats - Time 4:28

Learning Resource: MCFB Sheep & Goat Page

Sheep - Time 4:52

Learning Resource: Sheep Reporter

Soil & Water - Time 8:11

Learning Resource: Soil Ag Mag

Monarch Butterfly - Time 8:20

Learning Resource: Pollinator Ag Mag

Corn - Time 3:37

Learning Resource: Corn Ag Mag

Beef - Time 5:13

Learning Resource: Beef Ag Mag

Embryology - Time 4:23

Learning Resource: Poultry Ag Mag

Horses - Time 8:03

Learning Resource: Horse Ag Mag

Machinery - Time 4:43

Learning Resource: Equipment Engineer

Greenhouse - Time 2:32

Learning Resource: Horticulture Ag Mag

History - Time 7:53

Learning Resource: Illinois History 

Textiles - Time 7:09

Learning Resource: Warp and Weft Weavers Guild 

McHenry County 4-H - Time 3:40

Learning Resource: 4-H in McHenry County

FFA students talk about careers - Time 4:22

Learning Resource: Careers Ag Mag