MCFB PAC endorsed 8 candidates for McHenry County's Board

McHenry County Farm Bureau PAC, the nonpartisan political action committee affiliated with our organization has endorsed 8 candidates for McHenry County’s Board.

Those candidates include:

District 2. Josh Howell

District 2. Carolyn Schofield

District 3. Joseph “Joe” Gottemoller

District 4. Pamela J. Althoff

District 4. Charles “Chuck” Wheeler

District 5. John Jung, Jr.

District 6. Michele Aavang

District 6. Larry W. Smith

County Board candidates were sent out questions in advance and personally interviewed by our PAC (five farm members and one non-voting staff member of our organization participated in this year’s interviews). In order to be eligible for our endorsement each candidate needed to achieve an average committee score above 60%. To be endorsed, each candidate needed to receive a majority vote from the voting members of our committee.

Our PAC’s purpose is to:

1. To promote the economic and social well-being of farmers, rural families, and agricultural related interests in McHenry County, through political involvement;

2. To promote the personal and financial involvement of farmers in the electoral process, without regard to party affiliation; and

3. To encourage good local government which is responsive to the needs of all citizens in McHenry County.

This ad was paid for by the McHenry County Farm Bureau Political Action Committee (PO Box 1530, Woodstock, IL 60098 – (815) 338-1520) and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.